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Cadco – Not Just Toasters Anymore

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Twenty years ago, when you said “Cadco,” people thought “toasters.” And why not? Cadco made, and still makes, an excellent line of pop-up toasters with nearly a dozen models to suit your needs. But it wasn’t long before Cadco became widely known for rugged and reliable hotplates as well: cast iron, tubular element, glass top, and induction.


I recently reviewed the entire line with Chef Chris Kasik of Cadco. “We’re not just toasters anymore,” he said with a grin. “Our fastest growing category is food carts. Our MobileServ Food & Beverage Carts, and Grab & Go Carts, are very popular with schools, healthcare, and corporate catering.” They feature stainless steel merchandising shelves with 2 and 4 bay sizes. They can be specified with laminate options, stainless, or custom graphics. MovileServ Demo/Sampling carts are a hit with supermarket operators too.

Additionally, Cadco continues to expand its selection of top-quality commercial cooking, holding, and serving equipment. They have an extensive line of convection ovens, made with heavy-duty ball-bearing motors and squirrel-cage type fans for power and strength. They manufacture a line of portable griddles that feature cast aluminum heat plates in various thicknesses, with encapsulated heating elements for long life and durability. Their easy-to-clean Panini Grills feature glass-ceramic surfaces with fast heat-up and recovery. Prefer a clamshell griddle with a grooved plate on top? Yup. They’ve got that too. And don’t forget the warming shelves and buffet servers in small, medium, large and square configurations. They even offer warming cabinets and specialty bakeware such as Pizza Heat Plates and Perforated Oven Baskets.


All Cadco products are subjected to extensive testing and strict quality control at their Winsted, Connecticut manufacturing plant. Talking with Chef Chris, I learned that Cadco maintains a lean manufacturing process. That allows them to capitalize on opportunities to improve and upgrade their products as soon as new technologies or new components become available. “We don’t containerize and import large shipments of products from overseas” said Chris. That means that when Cadco sees an opportunity for an upgrade, they don’t need to liquidate a large inventory of “old models” before incorporating the improvements into their current manufacturing specs. This helps Cadco maintain high standards and respond quickly to customer needs.


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