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The Bakers Pride E300 Speed Oven

By Randy Baum


What do you get when you combine enhanced microwave power and top and bottom air impingement into one small countertop unit? The all-new E300 Speed Oven from Bakers Pride, of course!


Great for cooking, reheating, baking, or browning any combination of proteins, vegetables, or baked goods, the E300 produces consistent results no matter who is using it. With its easy-to-use touch screen and programmable menu that can hold up to 384 recipes, this oven truly is the perfect choice for high-volume and quick-serve restaurants, hotels, grocery delis, coffee shops, and pubs alike. And did I mention that it’s ventless?


The E300 also features removable jet plates, coated microwave windows, and a stainless steel body, all of which make cleaning a breeze. And on the more technical side of things, the E300 provides automatic voltage detection and adjustment, and self-diagnostic components to improve the oven’s overall performance.


Check out the video below for an overview of all the great features and benefits of the E300 or visit for more info.