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American Metalcraft’s New Serving Peels

By Carla Landi


American Metalcraft brings creative serving ideas to the table with their new Serving Peels. Available in a variety of styles, these Serving Peels allow foodservice professionals to get creative and express their unique personality.


Successful restaurants know that providing the ultimate dining experience for customers includes the details that create the overall look and feel. In addition to creating loyal customers, what is one of the things that happens when customers are wowed by an impressive food presentation? They instantly share pictures and details of their great experience with all of their friends and family through social media.


What personality do you want to add to your food presentations? The Faux Slate, Olive Wood/Marble, and Porcelain are a few of the favorite styles.


The Faux Slate Round Peels with their distinctive look, are manufactured from nearly indestructible melamine for long-lasting reliability in everyday performance.


The Olive Wood/Marble Serving Peels feature rich patterns, earthy looks and unique handle designs. From charcuterie to single serving sandwiches, there’s a size for every need.


The Porcelain Serving Peels dress up the table with an extra touch of class. With so many serving styles, there’s sure to be something here for you!


The styles featured in this article just touch on what’s available. American Metalcraft is a great source for unique and creative serving ideas. Keep them on your radar as they introduce over 150 new products in 2017. Have fun sharing your culinary personality with your loyal fans.

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