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American Panel Intelligent Controller Plus (IC+)

By Carla Landi


What if you could have a guard standing outside of your walk-in refrigerators and freezers to make sure your very valuable and expensive food products were being held at safe temperatures, at all times?  American Panel’s Intelligent Controller Plus allows operators to monitor the quality and safety of the food inside their walk-in with a variety of features and alarms, along with full HACCP documentation for the walk-in cold rooms.  This exclusive controller on the outside of the box is your full time walk-in cooler manager.  It’s more than intelligent, it’s genius.


Adaptive Programming is standard with the controller, meaning it automatically detects walk-in temperatures, adjusts settings, and sets the high and low alarm points, along with the door heater control. The controller features a digital thermometer, audio and visual temperature alarm, high and low set points, door heater, 3-way light switch, door monitor, dry contacts, USB HACCP interface, and battery backup. It’s also Wi-Fi enabled with email and text alerts. Programmable settings allow operators to adjust parameters for complete customization. There are so many features and benefits to American Panel’s Intelligent Controller Plus. Be sure to contact your equipment expert for more information on how you can incorporate this into your operation.


Watch the video for a closer look.