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Amana® Commercial Xpress IQ™ ARX Ovens… Faster. Safer. Smarter.

By Carla Landi


Amana recently introduced their faster, safer, smarter Amana® Commercial Xpress IQ™ ARX Ovens. These high speed ovens brilliantly combine forced air, convection, and microwave for consistent, fast results. Cooks anything to perfection in a small footprint without the need for ventilation… perfect for on-demand cooking. Stores more than 1200 programmed menu items, accessible through the customizable True-Touch™ HD touchscreen, with a smart-phone like display. How is it safer? To keep hands and arms away from the hot surface, they dropped the inner door well below the cooking surface for safe removal of food from the cavity. They even added exclusive non-stick oven liners making these ovens easy to clean and maintain. Foodservice professionals will be bringing this to the table for some exciting new opportunities.


There are too many features to mention. Watch the video and prepare to be impressed.