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Admiral Craft Says: “Start Mixing It Up!”

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Sometimes called a vertical mixer, a planetary mixer is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen. With multiple attachments, it can perform a wide variety of tasks from whipping egg whites and mixing batters to kneading bread dough and grinding meat. Large models can handle from 80 to 140 quarts of product or more, but smaller mixers that hold 10, 20, or 30 quarts of product are perfect for smaller bakeries, restaurants, delis, catering operations and more.


Admiral Craft offers commercial planetary mixers in exactly those sizes. The 20 quart PM-20 features a 1.5 HP motor that will easily handle any mixing need. Adcraft planetary mixers have direct drive 100% gear driven transmissions. That means consistent speeds, no matter how much product is in the bowl, and no belts to maintain or replace. Three fixed speeds allow anything from gentle folding to beating, and a stainless steel wire safety guard around the top of the bowl helps keep hands and tools away from moving parts.


For large operations that already have a mixer, it’s not uncommon to see employees waiting around to use it. The prep cook can’t blend three gallons of salad dressing for banquet service, until the baker is done kneading 100 lbs. of pizza dough. In those situations, adding a smaller, supplemental mixer can help increase efficiencies and is perfect for smaller batches of product.


Adcraft planetary mixers feature heavy duty construction. The PM-20 weighs in at just over 200 lbs. The stainless steel mixing bowl is securely held in place by stainless steel clamps. Each unit comes with a wire whisk, dough hook and flat beater. The PM-20 and PM-30 also feature a standard #12 hub for meat grinding and other attachments. All are designed for 120V service using a 5-15P NEMA receptacle.


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