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by Carla Landi

Cool Down Thirsts and Heat Up Beverage Sales!

Get ready for the summer rush. Everyone is ready to enjoy quality time, food, and beverages at their favorite restaurants.

Refreshing beverages put a smile on everyone’s face. Easily dispense chilled or frozen drinks while increasing beverage sales with Adcraft’s line of cold and frozen beverage equipment. Perfect for serving juices, slushies, smoothies and so much more. They are available in either a single or double three gallon bowl option. These items are perfect for any bar, restaurant, café, convenience store and any other commercial business that wants to offer high quality and thirst quenching beverages to their customers.

The JD Series Cold Beverage Dispensers are easy to set up and will provide  a quick way to dispense thirst quenching cold beverages.

Ideal for merchandising juices, iced tea, lemonade and more. These beverage dispensers are compact and take up minimal countertop space. The continuous stirring paddle inside the bowl keeps the beverage mixed smoothly. The manual temperature control keeps the product cold and allows the operator to adjust the settings for any variety of beverages. The base, dispenser valve and cooling cylinder are all constructed of stainless steel. The removable drip tray makes for easy clean up. Separate on/off switches for each bowl allows for complete control of the unit during operation. These cold beverage dispensers are 110V/60Hz.

Turn up the chill and boost sales with Frozen Granita/Slushy Machines.

These frozen drink machines have the power to turn favorite flavored beverages into delicious ice cold slushy drinks. The powerful 1/3 HP motor quickly cools the product inside. The continuous agitator system and stainless steel cooling cylinder keeps the product inside the clear polycarbonate bowl moving and fresh while in use. The non-drip tap is easy to use and prevents product leakage when serving. The nighttime running feature is great for conserving energy after hours of operation. LED lighting built into the top panel helps brighten the product inside the bowl. The frozen Granita/Slushy Machines are 115V/60Hz.

You’re ready to get back to business and your customers are ready to come back to you.  Refresh, enjoy, and prosper.