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The NRA’s 2018 KI Award® Winners

By Carla Landi


The National Restaurant Association recently announced the 2018 Kitchen Innovation Award recipients. New trends and technology are promising an exciting year in the restaurant industry. The award winners are providing equipment solutions that bring a realm of new opportunities to foodservice operations.


Here are some highlights from our favorite innovation award winners:

Garland, A Welbilt Brand
Instinct™ Induction Countertop Line

Garland brings the first and only comprehensive control and monitoring system for induction to the counter. Garland’s Instinct™Induction line features unique RTCSmp® (Real-Time Temperature Control System multi-point) technology, providing the operator with the ultimate in ‘real time’ control. The Instinct series allows fast heat up times, safe cooking and accurate temperatures by utilizing the electronics within the modules to monitor the temperature of the induction coils and energy supply. The patented technology also protects against ‘empty heating’ which detects if an empty pan has been left on the surface, ensuring a safe working environment, as well as minimizing unnecessary usage of heat and energy. Do yourself a favor and check this one out!

Structural Concepts Corporation

Structural Concepts is being recognized for two innovative new products designed to bring refrigerated food merchandising to a new level.


Reveal Frameless Glass Food Displays

Reveal® combines simple elegance with superior refrigeration performance. The frameless insulated glass complements every décor and draws customers to the food, not the display. The Argon gas-insulated double glass panes provide a thermal barrier and reduce condensation. A truly elegant way to merchandise product.


Foodscaping Wells

Structural Concepts came up with a way to create attractive and unique buffet-style displays for a variety of foods and circumstances. Foodscaping Wells offer an imaginative modular system based on a refrigerated cabinet featuring a food well housing with multiple height-adjustable display platforms. The adjustability allows foodservice professionals to be creative with their culinary displays.

SonicSafe™ Ultrasonic Scale Prevention for Steamers

Vulcan has integrated automatic scale prevention inside their line of electronic generator-based steamers. Ultrasonic scale prevention technology is often used in large processing plants and heavy manufacturing operations, Vulcan brings this industrial-strength scale-fighting technology to foodservice kitchen steamers. It means less downtime and better performance without having to change scale prevention filters, de-liming can happen once a quarter instead of monthly, peace of mind that scale is not an issue, and much more. Watch for more on this award winner.


Don’t miss out on seeing new innovations for your kitchen operation at the 2018 National Restaurant Show, May 19-22. See you there!