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Jeff Spellman,
Economy Restaurant Equipment & Supply,

San Marcos, CA

In the 6th grade Jeff was put in charge of his school’s annual food drive for the class field trip to the Capital(D.C). He raised 5-7 thousand dollars handling receiving, pricing and marketing of the goods. It paid for the trip for all the students and the parents, including bussing and food. His ambition, drive and ability to get things done started at an early age and only grew from there. The fact that he is especially motivated when the results will benefit others is a true testament to  his character.

A person with great character, talent and knowledge, will always do things well and for the right reasons.

Jeff has been in the foodservice industry for 37 years.  At a young age, he contemplated between the computer industry and the foodservice industry.  He decided to follow his passion for food.  He admits, “ I had to make a choice, so I took the road that guaranteed I would always eat.”  So Jeff went to cooking school and started as a baker. He progressed into an award winning chef and did cooking demonstrations on the CBS morning show in the mid 80’s.  “It was the right choice. The foodservice industry has always been good to me. I enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy what you do, it just becomes work,” said Jeff.

A true passion for what you do will bring you to new levels.

Jeff has been with Economy for almost three years, where he wears many hats.  He works the showroom, handles stocking orders, inside and outside sales, job walks,  equipment purchasing  and design and layouts. He enjoys the fact that he is always busy. He says,  “I don’t have many slow days. I prefer to stay busy; it keeps me out of trouble.”

Economy is a strong supporter of SEFA training, a perk Jeff values very much. He finds getting in front of manufacturer/coaches for hands on training to be extremely helpful and an opportunity he might not get anywhere else. He enjoys building relationships with factory reps and being able to go right to the source with questions. He sums it up by saying, “Knowledge is power.”

When someone you admire and respect speaks.... listen.

Jeff has clearly followed the advice of the man who inspires him.  Jeff recalls his influence, “Truly the person to get me where I am today was my father.  He was a jack of all trades and a master of most.  He had a simple work philosophy which he instilled in the family... always do 120%.”

Though originally from New York, Jeff now lives in sunny southern California. He grows all his own vegetables keeping up with his yearly goal of harvesting an assorted 2000 lbs.  He gives away about 1000 lbs. of vegetables a year. He grew up in a large family.  He said, “Being 1 of 8 kids always makes for great conversations and large fun family gatherings. Yes, that means there are 7 more out there just like me.”   Jeff runs a catering business on the side for fun. He enjoys playing cards with friends.  But, his favorite pastime is underwater photography which he has been doing for 20 years.

SEFA is proud to recognize Jeff as Featured SEFAPro. He is a natural high achiever.  His passion for the industry along with his experience, talent and drive are clearly factors of his continued success.  Congratulations Jeff!

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